There's also a non-Aquaria picture in Aquaria's. Nedo you have what it takes to make it to the top? Only those with Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent will make it to the top! Start engines and may the best **woman** *win*! Dedicated to everyone's favorite drag queen. Yes! i’ve been waiting for a post like this thank yew for being great to the gays!also: khloe and vanessa with no description lol the shade of it alledit: kalorie omg 😂 Looks: Instagram a selection outfits she creates for other queens fashion presentation of her clothing line makeup tutorial The jewish princess of Harlem as she s herself is a comedy queen who's able to entertain a crowd on the mic with her jokes dance and jump into splits within the expanse of five minutes With sharp makeup and hair styling skills she can blend in with glamorous social media queens and has done hair for other NYC performers besides making a big portion of her outfits She takes after her mother Bob The Drag Queen both the comic abilities and the political awareness which she often brings to the : Instagram a selection music video with different looks for a past season audition She is a young pageant queen from Tampa Florida having won Miss Polk Gay Pride Newcomer and Miss Southern Nights Newcomer among other local competitions She has a close connection with her gay family which includes Alexis Mateo as her mother Vanessa's a trained dancer and is known for her dance numbers on stage and her sharp painting skills working as a makeup artist out of : Instagram a selection The daughters of Sharon and Phi Phi in one season???My malicious gay faggotry heart is pounding so. She didn't start as favourite It's all these clips that are turning people on to her one. Interviews: In-depth interviews on Grizzly Kiki (1 2) interview on Asia's instagram is incorrect Its asiaoharaland C'mon Yuhua and Miz Cracker! This cast looks absolutely legendary Asia is Phi2's mother actually Joanna Newsom lip syncs? Oh man I'm already hooked It seems like each year its more and more new york queens nyc coming through Looks: Instagram a selection her costume design company's Instagram video compilation of a few costumes by her company I watched the "ok Katelyn" video like a while ago and I had NO idea that was Miz Cracker I FUCKING love that video! Excited for her Vixen Yuhua Blair and Aquaria most! After watching Aquaria's Venus performance at least now we know how she'll look with the ghastly S9 pink runway lights Really? She’s pretty hyped! She’s fierce as hell And had Asia not been on I’d be rooting. True + Gone with the Wind (Scarlett O'Hara) and Valley of the Dolls (Neely O'Hara) are quite common references in the drag community. I never knew watching a drag queen lipsync to a mix about bread would give me so. Bob's daughter too (Cracker) There is royal queen lineage all up in the lineup. Category is : Comprehensive realness Cannot wait for MY president Monique Heart to drag this cast through the mud y'all aren't READY. Pulling hard for my girl Aquaria 😫 I rarely see love for her in the sub why’s that? What about Eureka ? Didn’t she have an open invitation from Ru to season 10 ? There's always room for more content so whoever has something I didn't include below and you think should be there please leave a comment with the link Also if you find anything wrong / out of place let me know so I can correct it AQUARIAKnown for her expertise in makeup and creative looks she’s a social media phenomenon particularly on Instagram She is Sharon Needles' drag daughter and goes for high energy dance numbers on stage with stunts and acrobatics At 21 she is the youngest queen this season though far from being inexperienced as she’s been performing in clubs in NYC since at least 2014 – and requested by fans to be on Drag Race since at least season 7. Performances: "I Wanna Be a Rockette" by Debbie Gravitte Marilyn Monroe mix for Miss Gay Indiana 2016 "Part of World" from The Little Mermaid "Umbrella" / "It's Raining Men" "Don't Forget Me" from Smash "Don't Rain On My Parade" as Rachel Berry. Looks: Instagram a selection Asia O’Hara is about to slay this like no other and I can’t freaking wait!! Oh my god Vixen yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees There is not a single queen I have ever been more excited for. She's a professionally trained opera singer who instead of pursuing a career in music after graduating college ended up becoming one of the most notable names in NYC drag Monét is known for her lipsync performing style with comedic expressive body language and tongue-in-cheek spoken word portions along with her colorful style and sharp makeup Born and raised in Brooklyn she's best judies with Bob The Drag Queen who refers to her as her "friendlier twin". She's gorgeous! I've been on a jpop binge lately (Wink Jun Togawa Noriyuki Makihara etc) so i'll listen to some of her albums later tonight! A staple at Mickey's Showgirls for many years she's one of the major names in LA/WeHo drag having started around the same time as Raven and Morgan her close sisters She serves the polish and attention to detail you'd expect from a seasoned LA queen plus sharp lipsync abilities a biting wit hosting experience and some singing on the side Mayhem's been regularly mentioned in fans' wishlists for every Drag Race season since around : Instagram a selection Looks: Instagram a selection makeup tutorial Performances: Newcomer Southern Nights talent portion (she won) competing at Miss Polk Gay Pride Newcomer (she won) (1 2) snippets of dance numbers (1 2)Personality: A livestream Oh no I definitely agree with you about that! I think I just get sad to read that stuff as an ABQ gay who tries to make the best of it/has to live with it! Hopefully it improves! I arranged the links in my personal order of preference so the highlights for each queen's performances for example are the ones that appear you're looking for good dance performances watch The Vixen Aquaria and Asia first For comedy Miz Cracker and Monét's numbers For charismatic personalities check Monique Cracker Mayhem and Monét Nice looks: Aquaria Asia Kameron Of course this is all subjective and another person might say. Ahhhhh Monét X Change will be finally on? I have waited 400 years. I would have added this to Mayhem's performance list It embodies OPULENCE That being said this thread is marked as S10 Cast Spoilers not Major S10 Spoiler or S10 Elimination Spoiler etc etc That means the only spoiler discussion that is allowed in here without a spoiler tag is about the above mentioned cast skills etc That means under no circumstances are you to respond to someone who is innocently like “*Oh I love BlahBlah Queen” with some smug-ass comment like “OH HONEY you KNOW she is eliminated first— naivesmalls confirmed it!!” RIP Music: Singing "Stranger" from Big Fish singing "Waving Through a Window" from Dear Evan HansenInterviews: Shot With Soju platform answer on Miss Gay Indiana 2016 Interviews: Hey Qween with Morgan Look At Huh with Morgan (1 2) Asia is a seasoned pageant queen with many wins under her belt including several national titles like Miss Gay America Miss All American Goddess and Miss Gay USofA She's a professional seamstress and owns her own costume design company making outfits for ice skaters dance teams color guards and other drag queens as well She's also a dance and color guard instructor having taught in high schools in Texas and is the drag mother of Phi Phi O'Hara. Who is this in the background? .com/vkKW351. I bet but she still has some sort of background/specialization especially if she was picked for. I've already said but I'll say again Thank you for this incredible work of putting all this info together This thread is amazing sis. She’S 31! So she’s done Drag since. I'm still not sure if Kalorie Karbdashian Williams is the best or the worst drag miss Yuhua better slay Im lowkey living?????? The video of Cracker throwing up and her wig falls off I’m dead!I already knew I was rooting for Cracker and that she had one of the best personalities but after watching some of these I am rooting JUST as hard for Monique!!! She is. “Venus” will always have me screaming. No they are very close friends but not "drag relatives" Miz Cracker on the other hand is Bob's daughter and also is very close. I still have no clue which bitch I'll stuff in. Interviews: With Coco De'Ball mini-documentary about her daily life (in 360°) interview on on Get Out! Magazine Well this is embarassing lol I did think she looked weird but didn't take the time to check that Gonna. The 13th picture in Aquaria's album is actually of her friend Hana Holquist She's a really talented designer that goes to Parson's She even made Peppermint's pink pom-pom jacket that she wore on the show Back in April they dressed up as each other for Battle Hymn! Some people don't seem to like her because she went on an instagram live rant back in May about Shea using the name "Princess Aquaria" for the princess challenge lol. Those videos of Monét getting ready in Drag on the streets of NYC are what made me first fall in love with her a while back Such a great personable and sweet Queen! So happy to know that she's finally getting her chance to be a part of. At first I just thought he was hot but he's actually a great performer and going for the Kameron flair. Okay I knew Monet could sing but damn she. Personality: Reviewing the Kardashian Musical episode from S9 on Shot With SojuInterviews: Cooking With Drag Queens in-depth interview on Grizzly Kiki feature on Chicago Reader I feel like this is the first season in a long time that I'm obsessed with and rooting for every single speculated queen. Gurl you threw shade just admit it She clocked you. Picking a favourite is so hard this cast is BEYOND! Some big names Asia Mayhem and Aquaria Yahua is. Ohh I really hope Miz Cracker is on just by looking at those pictures I can tell she's a cute little dollop of daisy who I would love to see. Adding to the other responses Monét's drag mother is Sir Honey Davenport. "my name is Monique Heart I am what? Huh young enough and I'm black so I will never wrinkle huh thank you know that Uhm -WHAT?!" has been my favorite quote for the past. Personality: Being cute on Facebook live (1. Edit: I scrolled to the bottom of Asia's instagram and still didn't find much besides that she had a minor feud with TKB likes dogs and Beyoncé I'm dying with this Dubsmash Also she is being cute here. Asia is a fierce bitch I'm picking either her or The Vixen for. Oh m g dusty ray bottoms performed a Joanna newsom song?? WHAT❤️❤️ I just never see anyone rooting for her in this sub and I never understand why She’s an amazing queen and I’ve been following her. She looks gooooooooood bitch! Ok but who the fuck is Katelyn?!I've been resistant to stanning Cracker too hard because it would seem she's the fan favorite around these parts and I wanna see some flair variety but man it's hard to not love her She's a top girl for me wouldn't hate to see her take it (even if she's not my first choice). Dusty's known for her big cotton candy hair her punk-inspired aesthetic and her out-of-the-box performances Having moved from Kentucky to NYC about seven years ago she was a finalist on the annual drag competition So You Think You Can Drag along with Alexis Michelle and has been the host of Bob's show Look Queen showing she can work both a lipsync number and the : Instagram a selection Sign up and stay connected to favorite communities. Looks: Instagram a selection makeup tutorials (1.

Interviews: "LGBT Conversations for Change"THE VIXENThe pussy popping death dropping duck walking queen of Chicago drag – her ballroom origins serve as a base for her high energy performance style She's known as a woke queen and will people out on their bullshit She is a rapper for at least 8 years now having recorded a verse for "Cocky" by Shea Couleé who has described Vixen as having a "fiery personality" and being "a savage drag queen" She's also resourceful and regularly makes outfits out of unusual materials. Could you point to some highlights? This is like a hundred videos. Ready for Cracker! I saw her perform a few months go and she's fantastic! Great work putting this together thank you so much!Just wanted to point out that in imgur album of Monique Heart's looks the shot with three side by side images of a queen in a red dress is not Monique I found it on Monique's IG and she describes it as someone. I really think Asia and Miz Cracker will be the front runners but with the lip sync finale its anyones game Love her " " performance ❤️❤️❤️ Well shit it's official this gonna be the season of the RPDR drag daughters Surprised Nebraska is not. Stand up / roast: Roast of Markus Kelle roast of Kizha Carr snippet of a stand up routine Love this :D Would you mind if I compiled these into video versions for. The pre season Nancy Drewing and getting to know the queens is one of my favorite parts Thanks for this post sis Now I have no ideia how I'm gonna choose only. Ru uh can you get uh contestants that uh speak normal English. Looks: Instagram a selection makeup tutorials (1. I used to volunteer at the same lgbt youth center Her mom is one of the main volunteers and I worked with her more but Kameron was always so sweet At lock ins she would cut and style all the queer and trans kids hair. I mean it's definitely not the best gay/drag scene in the US by any stretch but saying it has neither is a gross misrepresentation The metro area is almost 1 million problem is that a lot of gay clubs have shut down and with the high cost of purchasing a liquor license in the state of NM no one is really in the business to open a new nightclub It doesn't help that the most popular gay club now panders to everyone because they know they can make $$$$$.We still get Ru girls (albeit less frequently) and our local queens do shows weekly if not every night on a weekend M&P shows. My top 5: asia cracker yuhua monique and aquaria Looks: Instagram a selection I'm surprised nobody has come to identify. Aquaria dancing to Chandelier snatched my wig into the next dimension That roast of Kezha Carr video made me fall in love with Miz Cracker She's shady. Ugh I'm loving Dusty Ray solely based on her Joanna Newsom lipsyncs And she's a Southern girl fuck yeah!Edit: Peach Plum Pear lipsync from 3 years ago but I'll take it /YHTGtnJyo_M I really like Yuhua Hamasaki plus she is named after one of my fave singers lol Hope she. Music: Singing during her hosting gigs (1 2) Thanks she changed it a while backshareSave8 more repliesCommunity Detailsr/rupaulsdragrace178k Yessssssss that's amazing I hope the show finds some excuse for her to whip out that talent Drop some Mozart on the children. Young beautiful and obsessed with musical theater her specialty is graceful renditions of memorable numbers from musicals besides being a singer herself She has worked with Indianapolis community theaters trying to bring the drag world to the theater scene At 21 Blair won Miss Gay Indiana 2016 and had as her platform promoting body positivity working with the National Eating Disorder Association Has already been in the center of drama during the filming of the season when TMZ exposed that she recently got a : Instagram a selection makeup tutorial With lots of charisma Monique is a ball of energy and usually the big personality in the room who makes people laugh She is an energetic performer on stage and will bring twirls and kicks to the scene if necessary A devoted christian and a motivational speaker out of drag she can tone down the funny to say a word of encouragement and dreams of one day becoming "the gay Oprah" She makes almost all of her own costumes and is a former Miss Gay Kansas City (2016). So Monet is my sis! I don't know of videos but she's actually a Bass! Sang the role of Zarastro in Magic Flute more than a. Yeah Monique's one of those bitches who don't have to do anything you can just listen to them talk and that's good enough (not saying she doesn't do anything jk kimora) I know I LOVE her mug! She’s definitely gonna be. Performances: Talent presentation at Miss Gay Kansas City 2016 (she won) Miss Gay Mississipi 2014 long talent portion Miss Gay Mississipi 2014 solo talent portion Re: Monet x Change "professionally trained opera singer" <-- this makes me wanna find some youtube recordings of her college performances etc lol What's fav aria to. Hey same four favorites girl! I'm leaning Monet but man it's a tough The MTQ videos will need to be the deciding factor because all of these girls are too. If Asia doesn't at least make top 4 it is a crime against homosexuality Looks at Kalorie's IGI never knew Ray William Johnson. Personality: A little "get to know me" video (in character) talking about the Nashville LGBT youth center with his mom talking to a babyInterviews: For the Foul Mouth Of The. Reading this I'm loving Asia Mayhem Yuhua. Yup didn't wanna just put "Alexis' drag daughter" up there cause I don't really know anything else about her Will be working on it though. I was never really 'sold' on Miz Cracker before this post but holy shit am I starting to stan she is just so damn hilarious! "Ok Katelyn time for dinner" had me in actual tears Thank you so much for putting this together! It's a sick day today for me and this is giving me some excellent entertainment/distraction while I wait out this stupid fucking. Looking through Asia Ohara's instagram I just gained a new fear of teeth Beautiful everything else though. I was thinking just yesterday about including it. Thanks for this really well done and informative :) appreciate the work you. Asia is gonna slay she's gonna be my flair But Monique is my fave I'm in love with her I hope she goes very far and becomes a fan favorite! I want Monét to slay too I know she has it Really looking forward to this cast especially the queens I mentioned along with The Vixen Cracker Yuhua Kameron and Mayhem I need. Bob the Drag Queen is in half these queens' descriptions lol I got worried because I couldn't find any Khloes She seems really fuckin cool and I'm pumped to see her on. She's the one I'm watching for sure I didn't know she was Jewish and that makes me like her. Bitch you saved the best for lest huh! she literally dogged walked them drunk dudes LMAO Yahua to win already I loved Blair's performance of Drink Up and Drive by RihannaEdit: typo I live in Dallas and frequent our drag show at the Rose Room Whenever Asia performs she Turns It Out I’m so excited. There's so many queens I love this season but I just have to root for a member of the tribe (not that she doesn't also give me plenty of other reasons to. Oh my god that's the sweetest thing I've. Looks: Instagram a selection makeup tutorials (1. Performances: Pride talent presentation "Whine Up" by Kat DeLuna Dot Mad TV mix "Who's That Chick" by David Guetta and Rihanna "Let It Go" from Frozen "Woman's World" by Cher performing as Maleficent

This honestly was pretty helpful in narrowing down my choices for flair before this it was like almost the whole cast but now I think I’ve narrowed my choices down to monet vixen miz cracker and yuhua I’ve stanned aquaria for awhile and am so glad to see her on the show but realistiy I can’t see her winning in this lineup She’ll probably stick around for a good amount of time though between the following she has going into it and her lipsync skills are pretty killer. Im living for this cast but I'm definitely rooting for Miz Cracker Kameron seems to be so fucking sweet He's so cute too I can't. I'm already rooting for Miss Yuhua Go asian queens! I'm rooting HARD for : Kameron Asia Yuhua Aquaria Kameron's boy pics though Milk who Pearl who new ultimate "trade" queen of RPDR So far the S10 queen I'm looking forward to the most is honestly Eureka because of her glo-up but out of the 13 new queens I'd say Monét got. Alright? And honestly it would be better to just let people enjoy this process and get to know the potential queens & leave major elimination spoilers in the threads that are designated for that Anyone who JUST HAS TO post elimination/filming spoilers here will be immediately banned— thanks!shareSave3 more replies I'm probably really underestimating Yuhua but I don't see her making it all. You can certainly tell that Cracker is Bob's daughter from the Bread/Pill mixes; just like Bob's Crazy/Slave 4 U mixes they had me in stitches! Fuck sake! I was gonna do one like this but it'll never be better than this tbh this is amazingMy flair is almost definitely gonna be Monet but I'm rooting for Cracker Asia Vixen Monique Mayhem and Dusty a. She is at the same time in her own words a body builder and a barbie doll loving both makeup and push ups Although she paints herself fishy most of the times she's not afraid of going out of the box and doing creature looks and fantasy makeup On stage she goes for outfit reveals and dance numbers She's charitable and does voluntary work in the Nashville LGBT youth center. I always appreciate these types of posts. Don’T tell me Asia can fly too is there anything this bitch doesn’t. Monét has my vote for the time being but I am also HERE for Monique. Rpdr is slowly becoming ASoIaF/GoT with all these houses I'm not complaining tho I'm exactly the same! I'm soooo excited for Monet but damn I honestly wasn't expecting such a sickening cast. She's a professional seamstress making all of her own costumes and regularly sewing for other NYC queens (including Monét Cracker Dusty Bob Peppermint and Alexis) besides having her own clothing line With a bubbly personality Yuhua's a hostess and has done weddings birthdays and bachelorette parties She has won several prestigious pageants in New York being originally from China and having moved there at 7. My comment was meant to be taken as it being “smaller” than most other communities I never meant for it to be offensive in any way shape or form It seems like Drag has started to gain more steam there with M&P shows etc Albuquerque just has a history of not having many gay clubs performances spaces etc Due to the exact reasons you said No offense meant. Score hidden · 8 months ago · Stickied commentHey everyone it’s super exciting to start getting into what could allegedly the new season. Interviews: With Steven Michael feature on Dallas Observer talking about pageantry interview on the Miss Gay America blog Music: Briefly singing "The Color Purple" singing "And I Am Telling You". Interviews: In-depth interview on Grizzly Kiki interviews on (1 2)KALORIE KARBDASHIAN WILLIAMSAs the first queen on Drag Race from Albuquerque New Mexico she's a self described small town girl with big dreams With a peppy and fun personality she is a big girl who's willing to be sexy dance fall into splits and do plenty of ass shaking in her performances having won the title of Miss Duke City in 2016 She works as a hairstylist out. This is some detailed work So happy you decided to make this thanks :) Personality: Briefly hosting her own S7 Meet The Queens video doing Aja's makeup (including their banter) a random livestream a compilation of moments on YoutubeInterviews: Shot.

This is the kind of dedication I expect! Amazing job Kalorie is from Albuquerque Albuquerque has no drag scene or huge gay community whatsoever. Or they wanted to make certain who went. These posts REALLY help with the pain of picking a flair I'm still completely undecided but yaaas for more drag s since I've been interested on pageants these days I learned something interesting about Asia: she won Miss Gay America in her first try WHICH NEARLY DOESN'T HAPPEN AND IS VERY HARD TO DO Talented fish (For comparison there is a queen ed Charity Case that had to compete 14 times before winning Alyssa Edwards didn't win in her first try either.) U/leonoretta Hey I think you linked 'Cheek to Cheek'by Aquaria istead of 'Teen Idle':) Thank you for putting this together I've been a fan of Miz Cracker for a while but I like the Vixen too idek what I'm gonna pick as. You are my hero for making this I did a little research on the side but nothing this in depth Also there are so many great queens and I haven't watched all of this yet but so far I thiiiiiink my flair is gonna. I have literally been waiting YEARS for Mayhem to be on so I'm beyond excited (still bitter that Evah Destruction and Rhea Litre got snubbed again) Monet is gonna destroy too. All I want in my life is for Monet to sing to me. I love all the work that went into making this fun post Definitely makes me more excited for season 10 than anything else.I'm rooting for Asia Yuhua and the Vixen so far Not sure who will be my flair choice. I’M rooting hard for Kameron!!She’s charitable and very polished She’s a good friend of Chad Michaels Fun fact she’s been doing Drag for 12 years now I love her makeup so much and I really want her to slay the competition!I love this video to show her personality and she did a boy face makeup tutorial too She sounds like the love child of Ivy and ain't holding stilts back Oh. I'm not disagreeing with you on the sense that it's hard to gauge her because our scene is very much smaller than her fellow competitors and it is 99% certain she is an early out/filler queen but you can say opinion without trashing the entire community. I saw her tagged in another pic (somewhere).I'm thinking Miss Queen : confirmed in the comments of the Aquaria pic. Music: "Let's Find Some Rice Queens" ("Let's Have a Kiki" parody)Personality: Hosting (newly gay weds) introduction at Miss Hell's Kitchen 2015 Personality: Talking about sex with an Uber driver trying to put cotton balls in a bowl on top of her head acting bit from an audition for a previous season talking about being gay black and christian talking about what had been happening in her life (Nov 2016) talking about the Trump election